Concrete Pool Renovation

Concrete Pool Renovation

Want to add a new look to your pool? Want to convert your old pool to a new shape? Or repair your leaking pool? Our pool renovation services team is ready to meet your any requirement. Our team at Refecto Aquatique are well experienced and equipped to solve, build or fix any problem with your existing concrete pool. Whether it be pool resurfacing or pool tile replacement, we work to give your pool a look that will enhance your backyard entirely.
Swimming pool painting services montreal

Swimming Pool Painting

Our Pool Painting Services helps you keep your pool look brand new and ready to enjoy. A nicely painted pool adds up a great look to your home and backyard. It also helps to prevent pool leak and thus very little maintenance in coming years. Choose favourite color for your pool and give that look you love. Whether for the application of a rubberized paint or epoxy, our premium quality paints are formed for any type of surfaces.
concrete inground pool repair

Repair & Renovation

Whether restoring beauty or repairing your pool, Refecto team can help you. We also offer all repair services for in-ground pool and plumbing pumps. The concrete in your pool should be repaired if it is cracked or if pieces come loose. After having made the necessary verifications to determine the state of the concrete of your swimming pool, we start our repairing process. Our prices are very affordable, so worry less about the pool repair costs. Call us for a free estimate of pool repairing services in Montreal & around.
Pool tiling & pool coating

Tiling and Coating

Today's new tile and cladding are much more durable when properly installed. It is a major element which adds to the aesthetics with its texture and colours. Our professionals respect the rules of the art for the installation of tiling & coating. Tiling and Coating of your pool needs lots of attention since if not properly installed it could effect the hygiene, safety and durability of the swimming pool. We also repair pool sidewalks, clean the grout & replace your broken tiles. Call us for a free estimate.
Pool sandblasting montreal

Pool Sandblasting

It is important that we clean the surface throughly to remove the old paint. This process is known as Sandblasting (also called Abrasive blasting or Sablage au jet). Sandblasting is necessary before applying a new coat of durable paint. We also provide sandblasting services of various metal surfaces including your machines/ furnitures/ doors/ vehicles etc. Sandblasting process is widely used in a variety of different industries. It is the most cost effective way of cleaning, especially areas which need heavy stripping.
Pool demolition montreal

Pool Demolition

A beautiful swimming pool at your backyard helps to have a nice time with your family or have a relaxed time after a rough day at work. But when the pools are not well-managed or when it's hard to maintain, it usually becomes a liability to the owners and investing more on the pool doesn't seem like a good idea. At this point, the best option would be pool demolition and convert your pool to a beautiful garden  or garage. Demolition can be either done partially or in full. At Refecto Aquatique, we can help you demolish your pool without any mess and free your space.

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