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Pool Tiling

Today's new tile and cladding are much more durable when properly installed. Our professionals respect the rules of the art for the installation of any coating. We also take care of cleaning your grout with our professional technicians quickly and effectively. 

Pool Coating

Do you know which floor to choose? Tiling, liner, plaster, paint ...? All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Do you prefer a coating that you could put yourself or do you favor a very resistant product? Let's review the different coatings to better enlighten you.

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Tile Pool Cover with Mosaic

Unlike ceramic tiles for pools, mosaic tiles come in the form of small tiles. They are simple to use and practical if your pond contains many angles. You can make a rounded effect when laying your mosaic.

Many colors are available. Choose mosaic tiles of different hues for color gradients or to draw patterns in your pool.

The mosaic must be laid on a watertight structure, like a plaster, and smooth.


Do you want a pool with tiled flooring? You can opt for the mosaic, which is a type of tile. These are small tiles to put on the entire surface of the pool, or simply as a pool frieze.


Refecto offers a wide range of products and appliances for the maintenance and cleaning of your pool, to ensure you swim in pure and clean water, while extending the life of your pool over the years. seasons.

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