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Pool Painting

A well painted pool can help you in saving lots of money in maintenance. It also provides a layer of resistance between water and concrete, hence reducing water leaks through the cracks. Refecto Aquatique offers painting services for your pool and gives a brand new look to it. If your pool needs repair before painting, we can offer our repairing services prior to painting. 

Our professionals have developed expertise in pool painting. We use the following products :

Chlorinated rubber paint This coating has characteristics adapted to the protection of swimming pools. It is available in a wide variety of colors. This product can be custom-blended to meet your most complex specifications.

• Drying time: 7 days (ideal conditions)
• Chemical resistance: Good
• Durability: 3 to 4 years (if the water is well balanced)
• Colors offered: 7 colors


peinture de piscine montreal

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

This flexible coating has characteristics adapted to all types of swimming pools. It is available in a wide variety of colors. It can be custom-blended to change the properties and meet the needs of the most complex pools.

• Drying time: 7 days
• Chemical resistance: Good
• Durability: 3 to 4 years (under normal conditions with well-balanced water)
epoxy peinture piscine

Epoxy Paint

Two-component polyamide epoxy paint. Its high solids content gives it excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion, as well as exceptional durability when in contact with fresh or salt water.

It is resistant to chemicals commonly used in swimming pools, including chlorine.

• Drying time: 3 days
• Chemical resistance: Excellent
• Durability: 7 years and over (if the water is well balanced)

Our expertise allows us to offer our customers a turnkey renovation service for concrete pools, spas and fountains.

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The best choice on the market

Whether with a good epoxy or rubber-based paint, our pool paints are specially designed for aquatic conditions.

The waterproofness of your pool is guaranteed after the application of a new paint applied by one of our painters specialized in aquatic installations.
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Outstanding durability in contact with fresh or salt water

Our pool paints are also resistant to chemicals commonly used in daily maintenance, including chlorine and salt. We use only premium quality paints which means the durability is longer than expected.

Surface preparation

We remove the old coating using the sanding process adapted to your pool.

Whether it's sandblasting, water jet or surface grinding, we have all the equipment needed to do an exceptional job.

We are also responsible for erecting the temporary protective walls required to protect your home and surrounding equipment.
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Swimming pool with new paint

In addition to sandblasting and repainting your pool, we clean your skimmers, backwash and check your water heater to make sure you can use your pool without any problems.

We also offer the service of repairing the piping of your swimming pool when it has to be replaced.
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