You know, that a well-balanced swimming pool makes all the difference for the comfort of the bather. One of the parameters that requires special attention, the pH which decides the water quality.


PH, or hydrogen potential, is the quality of acids and bases in the water. The more basic the water, the higher its pH. The lower the pH, the more acidic it is. When the pH is poorly adjusted, the chlorine does not work as efficiently and the water becomes brittle or becomes milky.


Here is a chart of active chlorine vs a pH of 30°




Be aware that the higher the % disinfectant, the faster the chlorine will burn and the lower the %, you will have to double the amount of chlorine for proper disinfection.


The acidity of the alkalinity and the acidity of the pH should not be confused. Acidic water is treated with alkalinity with sodium bicarbonate, while acidic water is adjusted to pH with sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfate.


The ideal setting for pH is between 7.4 and 7.6. To increase the pH, use baking soda. To lower the pH muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid are not recommended because they also lower the total alkalinity so the use of sodium bisulfate does a very good job. It must be understood that alkalinity plays an important role in the ability to maintain your pH.




Consequences for swimming equipment and swimmer


Too low a pH level can cause discomfort such as red eyes and even skin irritation, making the use of the pool less pleasant. It is much more pleasant to swim in a softer water with a higher pH. The acidity of the water also has consequences for the swimming equipment: the swimsuit wears out faster and end up whitening.


Quantity and analysis


If the pH is too low, the solution is very simple, just add pH + in the pool water. The amount of product to be added depends on the measured pH level. A dosing diagram is generally included on the product package and there are dosing charts to ensure the proper amount of product to be used.


To accurately measure the pH level, there are various test kits or strips. Some digital models do the analysis for you. With the test strips, you must trust his eyes; these are not suitable for people with color blindness and must be kept dry. The best solution is the automatic regulation of pH and chlorine level, but it comes with a cost.


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