A pool in Quebec is an ideal place to enjoy the sun, go out on an inflatable mattress and enjoy the sweetness of your pool. Starting generally in April or early May, we all look forward to the summer holidays to jump into the water and have fun.

Yet many do not realize that a poorly maintained swimming pool or spa can be a real danger, every year in North America, families are devastated because someone could seriously injured or even die. These disasters mainly happens because of damaged bottom drains & poorly maintained skimmers; I'm talking about covered plastic that covers the pipe which brings water to the pump. Many will not realize how dangerous it is to bathe when they are damaged.



Too often, children, adults and families find themselves in the presence of a real danger and this without ever knowing that their security is in danger. The cutlery is supposed to protect the pump and ensure that no large debris can surrender and potentially break it. Poorly covered drains increase the risk of entrapment, which often results in drowning or near drowning, and sometimes other types of trauma such as limb section or evisceration. 

That said, an alarming number of people have hair, finger, garment (and so on) find themselves caught due to the sucking of the circulation pump, so do not underestimate the power of such equipment. Simply imagine, the circulation pump is used to pass the entire volume of water full of your pool / spa and this several times a day.

In order to prevent the risk of entrapment, drains should follow certain rules as recommended in the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Guidelines for Entrapment Hazards (2005) and an emergency switch should be easily accessible to facilitate stopping the pumps in the event of an incident.


Question of being safety Or do you have to be vigilant? Everywhere, camping, golf, public swimming pool ... everywhere, a large amount of these accidents are in public pools, where the pumps and system are much more powerful than the residential range.

How to know if the cover is damaged? Pay attention to the alignment of the cover, is there missing screws, is there crack, crack or is it simply missing. Repair the pool if found damaged.

How to do prevention? It is always possible to ask if there is an emergency stop button for the pump, check with the personal supervisor if they have training in case of trapping.

What to do if we notice a trap? It must immediately perform the stop of the circulation pump, more pump equals more succussion then the victim will be automatically released from its grip.

Still not convinced that it is necessary to be vigilant before going to the water, here is the testimony of Mrs. Audrey Lapointe who in 2015 had the horror of seeing her daughter Mélody being seriously hurt because of a misused skimmer. To see the news, click here

Know that in case of doubt, it is always better to validate or see refrain from using the pool.

Let's all be vigilant and enjoy together a beautiful Season 2018.