Thinking about your pool renovation with cool funky LED lights? Great idea. The first advantage of LED technology is that it consumes very little energy; it is the perfect ecological pool lighting, economical and of course more durable. But what’s the difference between standard lighting and LED lighting?


There are several questions to ask your pool man before acting -

 • Is it possible to switch to LED lighting easily?

• How to install it?

• How much does LED pool lighting cost?

• How to bring a decorative touch with an LED lamp?

• What type of bulb should I buy?

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A LED is a light-emitting diode that emits light when passing an electric current. The main advantage of a pool LED lamp is the energy saving. Indeed, LED bulbs consume very little energy, very good news for the operating costs that comes with owning a pool. They respond to your concern for ecology and economy. This implies that they have a longer life expectancy and require less frequent replacement.


LED bulbs also have another advantage, they offer multiple possibilities for lighting color for your pool. They can contain diodes of different colors, so you can change the lighting in no time, several models are equipped with a remote control. The color LED lighting for swimming pool allows to create varied atmospheres according to your activities. Finally, a significant advantage, the LED lamps do not heat and therefore not likely to hurt your children if they touch the light bulbs.


The current trend is to illuminate the pool with floating LED lights. Round, oval or square, there are all shapes. They bring a touch of decoration to the pool and create a custom atmosphere. These floating lights are remotely controlled to adjust the intensity and color of the light. 


LED lights in pool renovation


This lighting solution is less expensive than a built-in installation since you can find floating lamps in several different businesses. However, they have a longevity generally shorter than submersible models.

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