Step 1 We must first find the source of the leaking section. Be sure to turn off the filter pump. Remove the skimmer cover and the pump basket. Inspect walls and interior surfaces for cracks.

Step 2 Inspect the plumbing joints by checking the bottom of the skimmer. Find the area where the plumbing of the pool is attached to the skimmer. Examine carefully for signs of leaks. Leaks could be caused by a poor seal between the skimmer threads and the fitting. If you place your finger in the holes, you should be able to feel where the top of the fitting meets the skimmer's nets.

Step 3 Now we have to examine the skimmer's throat by looking over the edge of the pool in the skimmer's throat. Look for cracked tiles and pay close attention to the corners and joint between the plastic skimmer and the concrete shell of the pool.

Step 4 Repair cracks or breaks in the skimmer walls with epoxy putty designed to go underwater. Epoxy putty is a two-part product in which a resin is mixed with a hardener to produce a sealant capable of filling gaps and cracks. Before applying the epoxy, sand the area around with dry / wet sandpaper to ensure good adhesion. Mix the epoxy resin and hardener to obtain an appropriate amount of epoxy putty. Force the epoxy into the crack and smooth it with your fingers, covering the entire length of the crack from top to bottom and from left to right.

Step 5 Use the silicone sealant to repair areas where the skimmer has moved away from the pool wall, where the corners are cracked and in the cracks of the tiles. These leaks are the result of a cracked crack beam or soil movement of water entering the soil around the skimmer. Silicone sealant is a better choice than epoxy if you suspect that soil movement pressure is the cause of the problem. If the floor or connecting beam continues to move, the soft silicone absorbs motion without cracking or detaching.

Lower the pool water below the skimmer and allow the area to dry. Use a caulking gun or pressure tube to inject silicone sealant into cracks and gaps. Smooth the sealer before putting it in place. Allow the silicone to set in overnight before filling and starting the pool equipment.

If you suspect a leak at the fittings in the skimmer holes, work the epoxy completely around the top edge of the fitting where it is threaded into the hole in the skimmer. Force the epoxy into the threads and on the top of the fitting, and smooth this layer evenly around the edge of the fitting to seal it completely. Be careful not to run the epoxy to the top of the hole - this will decrease the diameter of the hole at the bottom of the skimmer and you will not be able to insert the suction pipe sleeve into the hole to suck up the pool later.



Thinking about your pool renovation with cool funky LED lights? Great idea. The first advantage of LED technology is that it consumes very little energy; it is the perfect ecological pool lighting, economical and of course more durable. But what’s the difference between standard lighting and LED lighting?


There are several questions to ask your pool man before acting -

 • Is it possible to switch to LED lighting easily?

• How to install it?

• How much does LED pool lighting cost?

• How to bring a decorative touch with an LED lamp?

• What type of bulb should I buy?

 pool renovation


A LED is a light-emitting diode that emits light when passing an electric current. The main advantage of a pool LED lamp is the energy saving. Indeed, LED bulbs consume very little energy, very good news for the operating costs that comes with owning a pool. They respond to your concern for ecology and economy. This implies that they have a longer life expectancy and require less frequent replacement.


LED bulbs also have another advantage, they offer multiple possibilities for lighting color for your pool. They can contain diodes of different colors, so you can change the lighting in no time, several models are equipped with a remote control. The color LED lighting for swimming pool allows to create varied atmospheres according to your activities. Finally, a significant advantage, the LED lamps do not heat and therefore not likely to hurt your children if they touch the light bulbs.


The current trend is to illuminate the pool with floating LED lights. Round, oval or square, there are all shapes. They bring a touch of decoration to the pool and create a custom atmosphere. These floating lights are remotely controlled to adjust the intensity and color of the light. 


LED lights in pool renovation


This lighting solution is less expensive than a built-in installation since you can find floating lamps in several different businesses. However, they have a longevity generally shorter than submersible models.

Contact us for more information and pricing.


A pool in Quebec is an ideal place to enjoy the sun, go out on an inflatable mattress and enjoy the sweetness of your pool. Starting generally in April or early May, we all look forward to the summer holidays to jump into the water and have fun.

Yet many do not realize that a poorly maintained swimming pool or spa can be a real danger, every year in North America, families are devastated because someone could seriously injured or even die. These disasters mainly happens because of damaged bottom drains & poorly maintained skimmers; I'm talking about covered plastic that covers the pipe which brings water to the pump. Many will not realize how dangerous it is to bathe when they are damaged.



Too often, children, adults and families find themselves in the presence of a real danger and this without ever knowing that their security is in danger. The cutlery is supposed to protect the pump and ensure that no large debris can surrender and potentially break it. Poorly covered drains increase the risk of entrapment, which often results in drowning or near drowning, and sometimes other types of trauma such as limb section or evisceration. 

That said, an alarming number of people have hair, finger, garment (and so on) find themselves caught due to the sucking of the circulation pump, so do not underestimate the power of such equipment. Simply imagine, the circulation pump is used to pass the entire volume of water full of your pool / spa and this several times a day.

In order to prevent the risk of entrapment, drains should follow certain rules as recommended in the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Guidelines for Entrapment Hazards (2005) and an emergency switch should be easily accessible to facilitate stopping the pumps in the event of an incident.


Question of being safety Or do you have to be vigilant? Everywhere, camping, golf, public swimming pool ... everywhere, a large amount of these accidents are in public pools, where the pumps and system are much more powerful than the residential range.

How to know if the cover is damaged? Pay attention to the alignment of the cover, is there missing screws, is there crack, crack or is it simply missing. Repair the pool if found damaged.

How to do prevention? It is always possible to ask if there is an emergency stop button for the pump, check with the personal supervisor if they have training in case of trapping.

What to do if we notice a trap? It must immediately perform the stop of the circulation pump, more pump equals more succussion then the victim will be automatically released from its grip.

Still not convinced that it is necessary to be vigilant before going to the water, here is the testimony of Mrs. Audrey Lapointe who in 2015 had the horror of seeing her daughter Mélody being seriously hurt because of a misused skimmer. To see the news, click here

Know that in case of doubt, it is always better to validate or see refrain from using the pool.

Let's all be vigilant and enjoy together a beautiful Season 2018.

Spring is afoot, and what better time to start thinking about your swimming pool. But before we think about slipping our toes in the warm pool water, we need to address certain aspect about the start of the season.

Let’s talk about kick-starting your swimming pool, you know it is the most crucial part of having a pool, it will determine how fast you will be able to truly enjoy it.

The best time to begin this process is early spring, that moment when the ice is all melted and the sun’s heat really starts showing themselves.

Here are our opening steps, so you do not have to worry about it and put our years of experience to good use.


The steps to follow for Pool opening.

1. Before reconnecting all your equipment, first, remove most of the dead leaves from the bottom of the water with a net. If you put a tarp to cover, there will be less to pick up, which of course lighten the strain.

2. Next, you have to clean the dark rings that have formed around the pool. There are special products for this. If you have any questions, please contact us to know more about our selection of products.

3. When we have removed most of the dead leaves and other dirt in your water, simply remove the wintering covers and reconnect all items removed in the fall (such as pump and filter).

4. It is necessary to raise the level of the water to the maximum so that it reaches the top of the skimmer, it is important that we do not see the jet of water.

5. Once the pool is full, a first vacuum must be passed in the DRAIN position or "WASTE" to get dirty water out of the pool, we don't want to allow algae to form in your filter. To prevent the water level from dropping too quickly, simply put the garden hose in the pool and fill with water at the same time as cleaning is completed.

6. Let the water circulate for 24 hours and perform the first analysis of your parameters. Depending on the result, it will suffice to make a shock treatment to lighten your water. This treatment can change from one year to another, depending on the quality and color of the water, so do not hesitate to talk to our specialists.

7. Regardless of the treatment, you should always make sure that the pH of the pool water is as close as possible to 7.5. This maximizes the power of your disinfectant and is more comfortable for your bather. To do this, it is important to understand how the adjustment products reacts. When doing your shock treatment, it is very important to respect the time, the order and the quantities of products required, because if you do not, you may have to start the treatment several times before having a water clear allowing you to swim. 

8. When the pool opening is complete and the water is clear, backwash the filter and clean the filter (if you have a sand filter). Once done, restart the systems.

9. Once the circulation of the water is put back in place, it is necessary to carry out an analysis again, according to the results, it could be to adjust its alkalinity and its hardness using products. You will also need to stabilize and treat your water using the pool stabilizer, following the instructions you have been recommended.

10. When the test results show that your water is stable, you can start regular maintenance and enjoy the joy of having a pool at home.


At Refecto Aquatique, we have been an expert in the field for over a decade. We will be happy to see with you how the opening of a swimming pool or the renovation of a pool can be done at home.

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Water quality

You know, that a well-balanced swimming pool makes all the difference for the comfort of the bather. One of the parameters that requires special attention, the pH which decides the water quality.


PH, or hydrogen potential, is the quality of acids and bases in the water. The more basic the water, the higher its pH. The lower the pH, the more acidic it is. When the pH is poorly adjusted, the chlorine does not work as efficiently and the water becomes brittle or becomes milky.


Here is a chart of active chlorine vs a pH of 30°




Be aware that the higher the % disinfectant, the faster the chlorine will burn and the lower the %, you will have to double the amount of chlorine for proper disinfection.


The acidity of the alkalinity and the acidity of the pH should not be confused. Acidic water is treated with alkalinity with sodium bicarbonate, while acidic water is adjusted to pH with sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfate.


The ideal setting for pH is between 7.4 and 7.6. To increase the pH, use baking soda. To lower the pH muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid are not recommended because they also lower the total alkalinity so the use of sodium bisulfate does a very good job. It must be understood that alkalinity plays an important role in the ability to maintain your pH.




Consequences for swimming equipment and swimmer


Too low a pH level can cause discomfort such as red eyes and even skin irritation, making the use of the pool less pleasant. It is much more pleasant to swim in a softer water with a higher pH. The acidity of the water also has consequences for the swimming equipment: the swimsuit wears out faster and end up whitening.


Quantity and analysis


If the pH is too low, the solution is very simple, just add pH + in the pool water. The amount of product to be added depends on the measured pH level. A dosing diagram is generally included on the product package and there are dosing charts to ensure the proper amount of product to be used.


To accurately measure the pH level, there are various test kits or strips. Some digital models do the analysis for you. With the test strips, you must trust his eyes; these are not suitable for people with color blindness and must be kept dry. The best solution is the automatic regulation of pH and chlorine level, but it comes with a cost.


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