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A beautiful swimming pool at your backyard helps to have a nice time with your family or have a relaxed time after a rough day at work. It also adds up a great look to your home in an aesthetic point of view. But what if you are living in city where you don’t have enough space in the backyard or if your backyard is already too occupied for a pool. There comes the idea of relatively smaller sized city pools. This unique kind of pools which can easily fit in your small backyard. The main advantage of these kind of pools is that it offers all the fun of the large sized pools and the same time it doesn’t consume a large space.

Who wouldn’t like a beautiful pool steps away from your living room, where you can relax on a hot summer day. Sounds great, right? Small City Pools are becoming very popular nowadays and have made way into urban backyards lately. Smart planning is very important while building relatively smaller city pools. The size usually starts by 9 feet by 18 or even less. Other advantage of City pools is that it could be in any shape.

So, why people are preferring Smaller City pools?

  • Pool in a limited space areas.
  • A great combination of swimming pool and spa.
  • Use your small pool year-round
  • Easy to maintain & less repairing
  • Less safety concerns.

Our staff is experienced in the construction of all types of concrete pools. With vast years of experience in the pool industry, Refecto can help you create beautiful pools, no matter the size of your backyard.

Our expertise allows us to offer our customers a turnkey renovation service for concrete pools, spas and fountains.

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